Day 15 The Opposite Game

DAY 15

Wow half way there! How is your AA 2.0 upgrade going?

“Being grateful makes things happen. It’s the seed, the gateway drug.” Pam Grout

In this game, state everything backwards.  i.e.: this ice cube is so hot….. or if you have a scary meeting, I’m so excited about this meeting!

Be radical about your worldview.


Party Game 7

Day 7 of the party games! Are you ready?

Well today’s mantra is:

“Anything that can go RIGHT will go RIGHT!”

As Pam Grout says, “People who think they’re lucky actually are.”

So, game 7 is become a luck magnet!


Party Game 6

If you are joining in!


“In this game, no matter what you are doing, deem it FUN! Find the joy in it. Pretend you’re on vacation.” Pam Grout

Pam says, ” When you get happy, when you open your joy channels, the largesse of the universe can’t help but rush in.”


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