Party Game 6

If you are joining in!


“In this game, no matter what you are doing, deem it FUN! Find the joy in it. Pretend you’re on vacation.” Pam Grout

Pam says, ” When you get happy, when you open your joy channels, the largesse of the universe can’t help but rush in.”


Awakening the dream

Apologies for taking such a long break between posts over the summer, and with school beginning again!

I came across this lovely dreamtime 12 step blog via Paulo Coelho, the 12 steps come from Hawaiin therapist Alan Cohen. After a rather inspiring weekend spent in Edinburgh with the International Federation of Chiropractic Orgs (IFCO), it’s reminded me to spend a little more time in that dream space, and the greatness and depth of joy there is in that space.


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