The Radical Notion of Rest (reblog from Elephant Journal)


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I read this today (Rest)  and LOVED IT. So often we make ourselves so busy for the sake of busy, but rest is vital to just about all that we are. When we are rested, we are rejuvenated, alive, vital, competent, able, creative, loving and open. Connected.

The concept of rest is a radical notion, and as with anything that leads to a sense of wholeness within ourselves, it is an experience worth savouring : ) Rest is not sleeping, it is unplugging in whatever way takes you.Colouring Holly

Go on. You know you want to : )

PREGNANT MUMS TO BE! MTHFR and your genes…. bet you haven’t heard much about this!


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This is an excellent article about the MTHFR gene by Lauren Vaknine.

“If you have the gene mutation MTHFR, it means your body, especially your liver, does not process vitamins, minerals and nutrition in the right way and instead of converting them into their natural form to enable you to absorb what your body needs, it converts them into toxins. You can have the Homozygous gene or the Heterozygous gene. If you’re Homozygous, you’ve really got it bad, it means your body converts 70% of these nutrients into toxins.”

This can affect your baby while it is growing in your womb! A simple blood test can really help! This is well worth your time to read and print out and bring to your midwife.

Crawling is so important! Did you? Have your children?

We have had so many talks to grandparents and parents about how important the crawling stage is for a child! Please have a read through the great blog post via Pathways Family Magazine Online : )

Ban on Handhelds for Kids?


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I came across this article in the Huff Post Online earlier and I must say, she makes some salient points. ( I find in my own practice that children who spend too much time online or gaming (especially violent games) are seriously struggling with social skills, they can be highly reactive and inappropriately so, very physical and aggressive, and suffer terrible posture.  This leads to headaches, middle back pain, and general digestive discomfort as well.  And these are the under 10s!

I like the chart Cris Rowan suggests at the end, however, I would say that my two girls use my iPad for games and to watch films etc when we are travelling.  We have a time limit that their father and I have agreed on.  They start each day with 10 minutes.  For every item on the ‘to do’ list then can gain extra minutes.  Our ‘to-do’ list looks like this:

make bed   +1

Eat breakfast   +1

Brush teeth/hair, wash face, ready for school +1

All homework done on time  +1

Special projects  up to +5

And so on, up to a max of 30 minutes in a day after school each.  They can however lose points for not doing the above, and for fighting (-1) or mouthing back (-5)  etc.  They know the list as they came up with it, they are 7 and 4 years of age.  It isn’t hard, we don’t write it down, its a running list that the girls make sure we know just how many minutes they have!  We don’t own a telly, and so aside from reading, playing outside, playing in their room, they are allowed to play certain games.  But the games we allow them to play are fun type maths/phonics/reading books etc drawing games and the latest is minecraft.  I think it is important for them to be able to keep up with their peers technologically. I want them to feel confident (even at 7!) that they can do just as well as their friends in class when using a computer program, that they are tech savvy enough to figure it out and not fear it.  If there is something all the kids are into TV wise and its ok with us, they can watch it on i-player.  

So I think it is a matter of making sure that time limits are instituted, and imprinting on young children that violent games are not acceptable.  We know from the playground who is playing them at home by the way they react to other children and how aggressive they can be.

We also use several little gadgets to aid in reducing the EMF waves as well, which are attached to the wifi unit and to my phone and iPad. (see because i do have real concerns about brain growth phases and the effects that radiation has on my children not just at home, but everywhere these days!

What do you do in your home?


Strep throat?


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This is a great article on how to deal with a strep throat infection more naturally, vs using antibiotics.  Strep can have varying strains, and if left to its own devices in a system with low immunity, it can cause other more serious things to happen.

However, keeping the immune system strong and vital means that your body will just need extra support to show who’s boss! My daughter recently had a huge episode, and with a combination of chiropractic adjusting, loads of manuka honey and ginger tea, and a single dose of belladonna at bed time, it was gone the next day when she woke.  That infection took 24 hours to disappear.  Her system needed support not suppression.  Allowing her to deal with the infection by allowing her own body to form antibodies to fight the infection means that she probably won’t suffer again with it, her body will instantly recognise it and kill it off.  Both of my girls are really good at running 40C fevers too, their bodies are just amazing!  Chronic overuse of antibiotics means that the body will always have a lowered immunity.  It’s simply the very last choice after every natural method has been exhausted.  Neither of my children have ever had antibiotics.

Have a read and let me know what you think.

M x



The Wellness Couch…Australian Style..


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At the UCA spring conference last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Dr Brett Hill, one of the Wellness Couch docs.  Having recently written and published his first book, How to Eat An Elephant (, he has also been heavily involved in the downloadable and very listenable series of podcasts about health and wellness with his two colleagues Laurence Tham, Damian Kristof, and Marcus Pearce.  Have a listen, you won’t be disappointed!

‘The Wellness Guys’ Show are a fun filled half hour of education, information and inspiration from three of Australia’s top wellness experts sharing their unique knowledge on the why, the what and the how of acheiving ultimate health and wellness.’