May Days

Our house is full of books. The three of us are all avid readers, given I have not had a telly since 1996. Between actual books, kindles and audiobooks….the house can be silent for hours on end. A gift for this never-ending lockdown for sure.

it is time however, to begin to shed older, younger reader books, in favour of whatever adventures will come next….

the problem with this, is that I can no longer keep up! I used to pre read everything my almost tween wanted to read, screening for extreme violence or sexual content…. now that there are two reading so voraciously it is virtually impossible!

dinner time has become an ongoing battle of the books, discussions and but I MUST read that…. LOL

new words, new meanings, mean girls, coming of age stories and coming out stories, meaning of life, and different cultures

I am sure there are worse battles to be had….

for now, just grateful for some easy peaceful time that allows us all to escape for a few hours, but then to reconvene and chat…snuggle….and also to create imagery via painting and create our own stories inspired by what we have read…

easy times at the moment, and I am just enjoying the presence of that

perhaps I will be motivated to find space and build more bookshelves lol

some current authors: Eva Ibbotson, Rick Riordan, Julie Kagawa, Elizabeth Laird, Paula Harrison, Malala, Sophie Gonzales, Anthony Horowitz….. then me Brene Brown, Dr Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Josephine Angelini, Sarah Maas, and many many more

Author: adventuresinfamilyhealth

I am a family chiropractor in the UK, single mother of 2 gorgeous smarty pants not-so-little girls, interested in what makes people do what they do, in choosing health care for their families.

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