Personal thoughts on where we are now….ALL working people are essential workers….

This may offend some. Read at your peril.

Had a lovely chat with our local bobby today, he asked me what I thought of the whole thing, and I laughed…. “I don’t think you want to know….” “No, really,” he said, “I would be interested.” (obvs it was a discussion vs the bullet points here, but you get the gist)

Ok here we go then:
1. Keeping healthy people locked in their homes is tyranny.
2. Addressing the poor and fragile health of the nation is vital. By all means, ask the vulnerable to self-protect and self-isolate if necessary.
3. ALL working people are essential workers. 
We support a social system which pays for NHS care and those unable to care for themselves (health, disability, unemployed). 
We have ourselves and our families to feed and shelter. Calling some essential and giving a salary, vs the too many that have been made redundant and unemployed, with no access to income to feed their children or keep a roof over their heads is tyranny.
4. The government cannot continue to print money, nor incur this extreme level of debt.
5. The government cannot continue with no clear plan to end this lockdown. And no, rushing through any not properly tested vaccine (human trials at this stage should be considered unethical), or the 18 month wait for the all saviour vaccine is not a plan.
6. The UK government is embroiled in serious conflict of interest issues with regards to pharmaceutical companies, private income gains with vaccine manufacturers and personal pay offs, and the health minister. He should resign.
7. Severe poverty of the British people will cause more deaths than this virus ever would have.
8. We live in a human, global world. Families are everywhere. 
9. Social touch and connection will never be replaced by screen time. People cannot survive in isolation, we are wired for connection. We are hard wired for connection.
10. There will always be a virus, and another virus, and another, and each one will be this or that. We will never survive if we do not strengthen the human mind body and spirit on all levels. There are many, many ways to help people gain and maintain natural health and wellbeing within themselves, using the basics: good food, loving connection, fresh air and exercise, good sleep, healthy mental attitudes are a few.
I am sure I could go on.

Strengthening the human being is our only way forward. And it should begin in the early years, teaching kids how to grow food, spend time on small farms that are not big agriculture, so they have an attachment to the land. Helping them to learn which foods help them grow, and which can make them ill. Encouraging movement for brain growth and health! Find the fun! At every stage of growth, physical activity is essential for a healthy human! Find the fun! The gentle art of regenerative sleep. Meditation. Emotional intelligence and connection go hand in hand. Love languages and self-awareness. More connection. Curiosity. Critical thinking. Compassion. Coherence.

All lives matter.

It all begins in childhood, and there is an immense opportunity to really turn the Titanic here. 

Can you see it?

Author: adventuresinfamilyhealth

I am a family chiropractor in the UK, single mother of 2 gorgeous smarty pants not-so-little girls, interested in what makes people do what they do, in choosing health care for their families.

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