PREGNANT MUMS TO BE! MTHFR and your genes…. bet you haven’t heard much about this!

This is an excellent article about the MTHFR gene by Lauren Vaknine.

“If you have the gene mutation MTHFR, it means your body, especially your liver, does not process vitamins, minerals and nutrition in the right way and instead of converting them into their natural form to enable you to absorb what your body needs, it converts them into toxins. You can have the Homozygous gene or the Heterozygous gene. If you’re Homozygous, you’ve really got it bad, it means your body converts 70% of these nutrients into toxins.”

This can affect your baby while it is growing in your womb! A simple blood test can really help! This is well worth your time to read and print out and bring to your midwife.

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