Well, we did it! A whole month dedicated to finding joy and gratitude! WELL DONE!!!

How did you get on? Did you learn anything? Feel anything? Make the upgrade to AA 2.0?

IN the beginning of her book, Pam Grout lists the ROI (return on investment) and the Capital Gains (gift tracking).

Did you increase your capital? Were you paying attention to your alchemic, spiritual, creative, social and adventure capital ROI?


Did you find your personal totem?



Blessings from the natural world?



A message from the other side? And was there something you considered to be FACT, that shattered to pieces?

Take some time to consider, has anything changed in your life, internal and external worlds, since you began this journey through the party games?

Pam Grout says,”You are here to expand the universe. And it’s as easy as your next thought.”

So make the time to hang where the high vibes live. Congrats and well done! May your      D-buzz and AA 2.0 upgrade keep you flying high!