Herd Immunity?

Herd Immunity?

Hi all, a very interesting article and an excellent commentary from Dr Don Clum in the USA. Thanks Don.

See below:

Herd Immunity, according to the Oxford’s Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases:

“It is important to recognize that models (of vaccination) are just tautologies of their assumptions, and sound field epidemiology is essential to provide appropriate data on which to base these assumptions.”

Tautology defined: (rhetoric), a self-reinforcing pretense of significant truth.

Pretense defined: an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.

Assumptions and pretense is not only what herd immunity is built on but of which the entire vaccine science is based.

AND it clearly states: “Other problems arise because herd immunity is not the same as biologic (immunologic) immunity.” Emphasis theirs.

Herd immunity is then relegated to biologic immunity, natural immunity. This protection relies on efficient processing of infection, exposure and immune reaction, all of which are enhanced by strengthening the group via general health standards and supportive care, hygiene, sanitation, social rules and regulations.

Basically helping to make the weak strong vs. weakening the strong to attempt to protect the weak.

This document is great!!! It represents the medical side of this argument to a “T”.

1. Defines herd immunity in detail and gives the science behind how it might be calculated.

2. Uses the reduction of childhood disease we vaccinate for as inherited evidence of herd immunity. This is a contradiction since all childhood diseases were down within 5% of where they are today PRIOR to the introduction of mass vaccinations….it could not be from herd immunity (or vaccines).

3. It then goes into great length to describe all the short comings of herd immunity, basically showing how it is impossible to create in a society and exactly why is has never been reached or can be. It even says in the body of the piece:

“vaccination does not confer solid immunity against infection to all recipients, the threshold level of vaccination required to protect a population increases… it would be impossible to eliminate an infection even by vaccinating the whole population.”

This whole paper illustrates exactly what we have been saying all along. It even outlines all the threshold variables that are not met for each population and circumstance in vaccinating and why they have not been met , outlining each limiting statistical, administering and effectiveness factor.

The medical industry is making the argument for us, and since their original and core premise is wrong all of their deductive arguments are not only wrong as well, but validates their opposition. Me!



Dr. Don

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