Day 16 Do the Happy Dance

DAY 16     Break into Spontaneous DANCE! (you know you wanna)

Anywhere anytime!

Pam Grout says there are five reasons:

“1. Dancing cuts thoughts off at the knees.

2. It puts you on the same wavelength as the FP.

3. It makes other people happy!

4. It heals your body and eliminates other ailments.

5. It jars you into a new reality.

Worldview 2.0 is all about ditching the ruts and mental architectures that squeezes us into a tiny uncomfortable box.”


Author: adventuresinfamilyhealth

I am a family chiropractor in the UK, single mother of 2 gorgeous smarty pants not-so-little girls, interested in what makes people do what they do, in choosing health care for their families.

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