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DAY 22

Treat your belongings as if they were alive, and be thankful!

i.e..: shoes–thank you for helping me walk to work this morning with warm feet on the frosty ground

clothes–thank you for making me feel sleek and feminine today

Get the idea?

“Windex the window of your awareness.” Pam Grout

Amp up your frequency by being grateful to the THINGS that support you and work hard for you in your life.

Funny enough, I had the experience of finally getting the clutch changed in my car, and a few other bits that had been hanging around waiting to get sorted. When I collected my car and drove away from the mechanic, it was like the car literally purred in joy and contentedness–it felt like a new car, it felt happy! (i know totally weird right??) Truth! I was super thankful, acknowledged how hard my car does work for me, and I felt happy to0. : )