The Radical Notion of Rest (reblog from Elephant Journal)

Colouring Holly

I read this today (Rest)  and LOVED IT. So often we make ourselves so busy for the sake of busy, but rest is vital to just about all that we are. When we are rested, we are rejuvenated, alive, vital, competent, able, creative, loving and open. Connected.

The concept of rest is a radical notion, and as with anything that leads to a sense of wholeness within ourselves, it is an experience worth savouring : ) Rest is not sleeping, it is unplugging in whatever way takes you.Colouring Holly

Go on. You know you want to : )

Author: adventuresinfamilyhealth

I am a family chiropractor in the UK, single mother of 2 gorgeous smarty pants not-so-little girls, interested in what makes people do what they do, in choosing health care for their families.

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