The Power of Gratitude


Welcome to the 2017 GRATITUDE CHALLENGE! This is our 11th year of running this little happy challenge, but the first year we are running both the little booklets of gratitude AND doing the party games from Pam Grout’s THANK AND GROW RICH: 30 day experiment in shameless gratitude and unabashed joy. If you have not had the pleasure of reading this book, or trying out her universal games from her others, don’t miss out!

step 1: Admit that “something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today!”
step 2: Come to believe in blessings and miracles
Each morning, no matter how you feel or what is happening, say it to yourself or better out loud! Come on you KNOW you can!

perception and chemistry


SO for tomorrow, collect photos of all of the wonderful things in your life be they your home, people you love, things special to you etc and make a VISION BOARD of all the things you ALREADY HAVE and are truly grateful for. WHY? Because “when you give up your linear worldview, your playground expands.”


So next day is day three….


Choose to actively ‘allow’ everything that occurs in your life, whether its mundane or ordinary. i.e.: I allow the sun to shine through my window. Or, I allow this lovely spearmint toothpaste to freshen my mouth.

“Cultivate a childlike attitude towards your creations. Ponder them, wonder about them, but most of all love them. That’s how you claim dominion over your life. Behold I have created this, and I call it good.” Pam Grout

Spend some time working the allowing muscle to help in your larger life manifestations!

There will be more to follow as the days come. There are 30 days of party games to work your way through! I highly advise buying the book and taking part, you really get the background and the great energy through from Pam Grout as she writes and shares the journey through how to practice gratitude in your life.






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I am a family chiropractor in the UK, single mother of 2 gorgeous smarty pants not-so-little girls, interested in what makes people do what they do, in choosing health care for their families.

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